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Trade Secret Complete Oil Finishing Kit


4 x 50ml Bottles

Allowing the home gunsmith to get a professional oil finish, the Trade Secret Complete Oil Finish Kit contains all the items needed to transform your tired, worn gunstock into a traditional oil finished stock.

The Grain Sealer is the first stage and provides a fast and efficient way of sealing open grained wood, making it ready for the three following stages and Trade Secret provide the fine abrasive wet and dry paper to get the best results.

Stage two is the Alkanet Oil, designed for giving walnut stocks a greater depth of colour whilst enhancing the grain and figuring within the wood, allowing you to enhance your stock

Once you have the desired finish from your Alkanet oil, you then move onto stage three and use the Rapid Oil. Manufactured from a very special blend of oils, waxes and other Trade Secrets, it enables you to obtain a traditional English oil finish at home and is suitable for new stocks and ones with an existing oil finish.

The final part in the complete oil finish kit is the TS-95 Oil, specially developed to be used in conjunction with the Rapid Oil and containing a blend of oils which increases the shine to the stock but also drastically reduces the drying time of the final coat of Rapid Oil.

All of these oils are used by ourselves, other gun shops and gunsmiths all over the UK to renovate and enhance walnut stocks on shotguns, rifles and air rifles.

This kit does NOT come with a cloth included.

* Please note: Cleaning products in liquid or aerosol form cannot be returned for exchange or refund, unless faulty or delivered incorrectly.